round the world
corporate travel management


Today collaborations and chances have no geographic limits.
Hellenic Tours constitutes a real travel-consultant; a one stop travel source for our local corporate clientele.
Whatever your particular requirements are, from business travel to organising a congress, a seminar, a presentation or any other professional event, the staff of Hellenic is near you with pioneering and innovative suggestions, to the entire world!

... solutions exclusively drawn for you, so that you will never feel a stranger, wherever you are.
... stay devoted and concentrated on your precious work since all the organisational details are under 
the absolute personal control of capable and    
   experienced persons
... just enjoy the valuable result of your travel in practice when you return to business since Hellenic will stand by you, from conceiving the idea carrying
   out the entire event

The experience, the network and the know-how of Hellenic provide a high quality of services and contribute to the configuration of service network both in Greece as well as abroad, this guarantees for both its intentions and professional results. 
Everyone involved enjoy the privilege they deserve. 


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